Adopt a parrot or Buy a parrot?

Why should I adopt a parrot instead of buying it?

There are several good reasons to adopt a bird over a purchase. First of all, it’s the right thing to do because commercial breeding operations are flooding the market with exotic pet birds, many of which end up in rescue groups as consumers realize the complexity of caring for these animals. .

Parrots to buy, is it the right thing to do?

If you buy a parrot either from a pet store or a breeder, it just compounds the problem.

Parrots for adoption, parrots for adoption

By adopting rather than buying a parrot, you will help reduce the demand that drives the commercial breeding of pet birds.

If you buy a parrot, you probably won’t have a great deal of support if you have questions about your bird’s behavior or caring further down the line. In contrast, reputable parrot rescue groups do offer such support, offering advice and resources as you and your new bird adjust to life together.

How much does a parrot cost?

Another good reason to adopt instead of buying a parrot is that you will most likely spend a lot less money. A parrot can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on the species. Adopting a considerably lower parrot costs, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have saved a life.

Before adopting a parrot, what are some things to keep in mind?

These birds are intelligent, sensitive, curious animals, but living with them and caring for them properly can be much more difficult than people imagine. If you are considering getting an exotic pet bird, consider the following:

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