Birds compatible with Parrots

Here we explain which are the birds that best get along with our feathered friends. It is important that they socialize withcompatible birds to avoid serious problems !:

Here we explain which birds arecompatible to live with your parrots pets. Remember that parrots are very sociable birds and they lovecompany, however it is important to know which birds can live in harmony with your parrot.

What birds can live with parrots? the other species that can live with them:

Common parakeets: Parakeets really enjoy thecompany of other birds, and perfectly get along very well with our parrots, so you won’t have any problem living together.

Cockatoos: Cockatoos are species that get along very well with any breed of parrot, they like to share, climb everywhere and sing with them since they are exotic birds whose temperament is very similar that of parrots.

Common Parakeet: Thecommon parakeet is a class of parrots that has a very affectionate, sociable and adaptable behavior to any type of environment thanks to its great intelligence. Then you will see that they will become inseparable friends inside their cage.

Which birds do parrots socialize best with?

Parrots socialize best with birds of similar size. Avoid placing two different sized parrots in the same cage, as the larger parrot will intimidate or kill the smaller one.

Parrots will frequently join African Grays or Macaws. Parakeets are peaceful little birds and will get along well with finches, canaries, and cockatoos. Lovebirds and cockatoos are prone to being aggressive towards each other.

How to introduce another bird to a parrot?

Always bring two parrots into neutral territory and allow them to observe each other. Wait until the birds know each other well before placing them in the same cage.

Other birds with parrots, yes or no?

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birds compatible with parrots

Other birds that can live with parrots

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