Difference between Parrot and Parakeet

Although in many countries they refer to parrots and parakeets as the same thing, in reality parakeets are part of the parrot family, they are a species of parrots.

How are parrots different from parakeets?

The main difference between parrots and parakeets is that Parrot refers to a broad order of bird species, while the term parakeet or parakeet is a species within “parrot”.

However, many people refer to parakeets separately from parrots, as parakeets are physically a little different than what comes to mind when we talk about a parrot.

What is the difference between a parrot and a parakeet?

Parrots are made up of more than 350 different species, such as macaws, cockatoos, lovebirds, among others. They are very popular as they have the ability to speak and a very remarkable intelligence, despite being wild. They are also excellent companion birds.

When we talk about parrots, we refer to those that are most popular to have as pets, among them are parrots, love birds, cockatoos, nymphs or Australian parakeets.

Parrot can also refer to a few species of parrots, popularly with people. Although there are varieties of parakeets, there are far fewer species of parakeets than parrots, and they are more similar to each other.

How is a parrot different from a parakeet?

Parrots can grow up to 40 centimeters in length. Most parrots eat fruits, flowers, buds, seeds, and insects. Parrots often have fat bodies and square tail feathers. Parrots have a very wide variety of colors

How are parakeets different from parrots?

Parakeets are smaller than most parrots. Parakeets typically have long, sharp tails, while parrots have stubby bodies and square tails. Australian parakeets are more difficult to train than parrots, as they are pack birds.

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Differences between parakeets and parrots

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