How to know the age of a parrot?

You may need to determine the age of a parrot before buying it. To learn how to determine how old a parrot is, we give you some tips in this article:

How can you determine the age of a parrot?

There is no way to know the approximate age of a parrot, only if the parrot is too young or too old. Only if one has it since birth is it possible to know the exact age.

Parrots and parakeets do not have characteristics that allow us to determine their age. the only way to know exactly is by knowing your date of birth.

Know the age of a parrot in a pet store

The only way to know the exact age of your parrot is by knowing the date of birth, otherwise there is no precise method, we could only know if it is less than 6 months old or if it is very old.

For the rest, in parrots less than 6 months old, the approximate age can be determined by the coverage of the plumage and the length of the tail (of course it is short when it is growing). Otherwise, so far there is no method of determining age.

Why should I know the age of my parrot?

Many bird buyers don’t wonder why they need to know the age of the parrot. This is due to the fact that the birds, which stay too long in the store, usually have little food and no vitamins.

As a result, the birds get sick, sometimes they hide. So by acquiring an “old” parrot, you can simply acquire an unhealthy bird, which you can become attached to very quickly but you will die soon or be bothered by very serious health problems.

Factors that help determine the age of a parrot

Although there is no exact way to know the age of a parrot older than 6 months, here are some tips to determine if the parrot is young or old:

How many years do parrots live?

Discover the number of years on average that each breed of parrots and parakeets can live:

Conclusions to guess the age of the parrot

In order to guess the age as closely as possible, all the above signs should be consideredcomprehensively. It should be understood that not everyone can discover a parrot’s age by external signs and therefore it is necessary to purchase birds only from recommended locations where potential customers will not be misled.

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