How to make my parrot trust me?

At first our parrot will feel a little tense, distrustful and scared, while we try to make him trust us. In this article we will give you some tips or tricks so that you can make your parrot trust you in an easy way, so keep reading to achieve it.

How to make my parrot trust me?

The normal thing is that the first days our parrot feels scared, but it is something normal in their way of being, since they are in an unknown place for them, they do not know the people around them, or other pets or even his own cage.

You have to try to establish bonds with your parrot, but for this you must be patient, since it is not something that is achieved in a day.

What can I do to establish bonds of trust with my parrot?

Give your parrot time to trust you, be patient.

The most important thing is not to rush, each parrot begins to trust its owner at different times and depends on many things, where its cage is, the way you look at it, food and much more. Be patient and you will see that when your parrot trusts you, it will be a very affectionate, happy and adorable pet.

Video where it is explained how to gain the trust of a parrot

Tips to gain the trust of your parrot

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