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What is a Parrot?

What are parrots? The parrot parrots are one of the few exotic birds that we can keep as pets , they are very loved and appreciated by their owners due to their intelligence, their beauty and because they are the best company birds .

The parrot is an animal which loves to be caressed, they are perfectly tame. In this article we will show you the most important things you should know about your pet parrot, and its outstanding characteristics and many beautiful images of parrots .

Characteristics of Parrots What are parrots like ?

Do you want to know everything about Parrots? Here you will know all the types of these exotic birds , classes and species of parakeets, how many years do parrots live, you will learn names for parrots or which are the best parrots for pets. Let’s start with its scientific name:

Psittacines – Scientific name Psittacoidea

The parrot receives the scientific name of Psittacoidea and it is one of the three superfamilies of birds. The size of parakeets is highly variable and depends on the species

According to wikipedia: The parrots (Psittacidae) are a family of psittaciform birds, which are commonly called parrots or parrots, which includes macaws, parrots and related forms of America and Africa.

It is classified within the superfamily Psittacoidea along with the other two families of typical parrots: Psittrichasiidae and Psittaculidae.

Types and breeds of parrots (phylogeny)

What types of parrots are there? There are many types on Earth and they are small, medium and large. Each family or type of parrot has particular physical or behavioral characteristics. These are the most common types of parrots:

The Green Parrot is the most common and the best known species of these beautiful exotic birds.

Parrots are characterized by a strong and strong beak, curved downwards. They are birds that fly very well and that, thanks to their prehensile claws, can grab the branches of trees and climb them. They have two toes forward and two backward.

Parrot families What breeds of parrots are there?

Psittacidae are a family of psittaciform birds commonly called parrots or parrots, and include macaws, parrots, parakeets and others. Among the families we have:

Description of parrots

Parrots are beautiful birds . To describe a parrot, we can say that among the most important characteristics of parakeets we have that they have a large beak with curvature.

Parrots measure 30 to 40 centimeters on average They are very intelligent, they have great ability to solve problems and intelligence games , in reality they are one of the most intelligent birds like lovebirds or inseparable.

How are they Parakeets or Psittacidos?

To start with the description of a parrot , you should know that parrots are vertebrates , they have very strong and functional claws that They allow you to walk, easily climb trees and also have a great ability to fly .

Tips and Curiosities about Parrots and parrots:

In these articles you will find all the information about parrots and parrots, do not miss the opportunity to be give all the love to your pet, so you can start reading all about parrots :

Colors of the parrots

One of the most outstanding characteristics of the parrots is the intense coloration of its plumage. The predominant color of their feathers is green, although most species also have some red, blue, yellow and other colors in various amounts.

Characteristics of parrots legs

Another important part of the information of the parrot animals is that they have four fingers, strong and sharp nails that help them to perch, climb, walk and grab their food during their feeding.

Characteristics of The beaks of parrots. What is their beak like?

They are very strong and curved, their beaks allow them to feed on seeds and fruits, and they also use them to help climb and climb to very high places.

Parrots as pets Are pets suitable for the whole family?

Yes, parrots or parrots are excellent pets and companion animals. They are better pets than any other animal due to their intelligence. But several things must be taken into account for these types of domesticated parrots .

They are good pets for those who are approaching the world of birds for the first time . Mainly because they admit the human presence well , are easily handled and only require basic care that can be provided easily to live well and healthy, they are excellent types of domestic and small parakeets.

The parrot must always be in the care of an adult who can meet its needs.

It must be taken into account that a parrot is not an animal for small children , since they do not have enough knowledge and skills to take care of it.

Types of parrots that speak Which parrots speak the most?

Know all the parrots that speak as well as the types of parrots or parrots that have the same ability to speak, sing and organize sentences with great ease as the yaco parrot does by clicking here: Types of parrots that speak.

Parrots can talk How do they do it? We must take into consideration is the fact that parrots do not chatter and do not have the ability to hold any kind of chatter, as we humans understand the term chatting and conversing. This largely contradicts what many people think, who own one of these birds, and who are convinced that their animal does have this ability.

Why can the parrots talk?

What parrots and parrots do is repeat those sounds they have heard (on many occasions the human voice) and are able to reproduce them with great precision, thanks to an organ they have in the base of the trachea, called the “syrinx”.

Can all parrots speak?

Parrots are impressive animals , affectionate and fun, but Have you ever wondered how long does a parrot live?

How to teach a parrot to talk?

We must earn their trust so that they learn to speak, and have a lot of patience. The first thing to do to teach a parrot to talk is to let it Free around the room, give him reasons to entertain himself, so that he will be more willing to indulge us.

At what age do parrots start talking?

Parrots say their first words at 4 months old. Between 4 and 6 months they begin to speak when they are small, such as parakeets or lovebirds, and large ones such as the Amazon parrot or the Yaco Parrot learn to speak between 6 and 12 months.

When to teach my parrot to speak?

They should be taught to speak at dawn or dusk . First we can teach the parrot words that they can relate to eating or teach them to say I love you when you make love to him, or good morning at dawn or good night when it gets dark.

Food for parrots, What food can we give it?

Before it was believed that parrots only ate sunflower seeds, but this is very wrong, since they are not providing all the necessary nutrients, they do not have vitamin A and they possess a lot of fat.

What do parrots eat?

Ideally, parrots eat nuts, fruits and vegetables daily. Sweet fruits, such as Banana, melon or peach, mangoes, cherries or grapes should not be very frequent. They should eat a lot of vegetables such as broccoli, chard, spinach, artichoke and cauliflower.

Although these are very good food for parrots, they should also be given quality feed , depending the size and breed of the parrot.

Forbidden food for parrots: The foods that we cannot give them.

Two of the most dangerous foods for these animals are avocado and tomato , since they cannot digest them properly and should not be eaten. These fruits are harmful and it is important not to forget it.

How many years does a parrot live? life expectancy of this animal

Generally large parrots can live longer than small ones , for example a macaw can live many more times how long a lovebird lives or how long a parakeet lives.

70% do not reach the maximum life expectancy , due to environmental pollution, poor diet or because they suffer accidents being loose around the house.

Compared to other birds that live in captivity, the truth is that parrots turn out to be quite long-lived . Although the life expectancy depends on the species of parrot it is.

Parakeets are very long-lived

Parrots are impressive, affectionate and funny animals, but have you ever wondered how long does a parrot live? is it true that parrots live longer than a human being? here you will understand everything about the age of parrots.

Names for these beautiful birds

The best thing is to give our parrot a very original name! since we will spend many years calling it by that name. If the name of your parrot is fun enough it will be unforgettable and all your friends or family will want to call it by its name, which will give it a greater interaction with your parrot, and our birds love that!

If you are looking for an original name for your parrot then you will love our list of famous names to give your parrot the most original and fun!

How to know if a parrot is male or female? Easy!

At first glance, it is not possible to know the gender of a parrot and differentiate a male from a female parrot. Why? because its sexual organ is not visible, it is inside its body, if you want to see exactly the sex of your parrot, enter here: how to know if my parrot is male or female

The correct way to Knowing the sex of your animal is by palpating its pubis, which we explain how to do here.

Distribution and Habitat of parrots.

The habitats where parrots live are mainly warm areas, such as tropical forests, on all continents of the planet. They live in mountains, rainforests, in some dry and hot parts of the planet, and of course, domestic life as a pet.

Where do parrots live?

The place where the parrot is represented largest number of parrots on the planet is in the southern hemisphere. The southern parrot is a parrot that lives in the southern part of America, between Chile, Argentina and the Falkland Islands. The Amazon parrot also inhabits the Amazonian part of South America.

How is the sound they produce?

Whistles and songs are often closely linked to the imitation parrot process, but it is not mandatory. Psittaciformes in the wild also emit a hissing sound using the same or different melodies and songs.

How do parrots sleep? How much should they sleep?

Parrots sleep in a very interesting way, propped up on one leg which grabs on a parrot perch or a tree branch.

Their head They support it within their wings, the position is a little crouched and in some cases the plumage swells a little to maintain the correct temperature during the night.

How do they reproduce?

They produce approximately 4 eggs, and the incubation period is 25 days. Then they raise the chicks for more than two months.

When the chick is a month and a half old, it is when it leaves the nest, and after two months they begin to be more independent. Once this age is reached, it is when the parrot must be separated from its parents .

Where do parrots hatch?

The nests must be wide enough for them to Parrots can move quietly, and must be placed before mating.

Parrots are oviparous , according to the way their young grow and develop inside an egg, All birds -including the parrot – are considered oviparous, with the capacity for this species to lay 2 to 5 eggs.

How to tame a parrot so that it is not aggressive ? Avoid being bitten!

We must be able to understand that the parrot bites when they do not understand what is happening around them or when they feel threatened.

You must have a lot of patience, since it is not easy to tame a parrot, it requires a lot of discipline and be very constant in our goal. You should never punish him, this will only make things worse, creating problems and trauma.

Tame a parrot to be docile

How to educate a parrot ?

If you want to educate your parrot, you must bear in mind that each parrot has a different personality and will require different techniques to be trained, patience, persuasion and friendship must be applied to educate it correctly.

Training for parrots

You must create a suitable training environment : at parakeets should be taught like babies. Make him feel safe and comfortable, this way he will learn more easily.

Deworming of parrots what is the best dewormer for your parrot?

< strong> Parrots should be dewormed even if they do not have contact with other animals, since they can consume parasite eggs, which then grow inside your pet. These can be found in branches, people’s clothes or shoes, perches and toys.

Parrots and the danger of their extinction.

Parrots They are prone to extinction due to the deforestation of their forests or jungles where they live, and the illegal hunting and sale of these birds.

28% of the species of parrots Psittaciformes, macaws, cockatoos, parrots, parakeets or parrots, are in a state of conservation as they are in danger of extinction, according to a study by BirdLife International.

Parrot diseases How to cure them?

Parrots can present diseases that can be avoided if they are cared for well.

Among them are pecking, a disease in which the parrot plucks its own feathers, the French feather molt or Polyomavirus, pneumonia, colibacillosis , which is the main cause of death of our pets, parasites, coccidiosis and salmonellosis. Find more information in this article that we make: Diseases of the parrot

The picaje in parrots. Why are they plucking?

When it comes to plucking, a vet is needed to diagnose the cause and prescribe treatment. Due to the fact that a multitude of conditions can be the cause of your parrot plucking, your vet will need to perform several tests to get to the bottom of your parrot’s illness.

Parrot beak diseases

Problems with parrots’ beaks are generally caused by disease, blows or feeding problems.

Is it normal if parrots vomit or regurgitate?

The Causes of regurgitation in parrots are very varied. However, a parrot regurgitating is not a medical problem, but simply that your parrot is receiving a certain type of stimulus.

Why do parrots fluff up or inflate their feathers?

It is a fairly common practice for our parrots to fluff or ruffle their feathers when they go to rest, however, it can be a sign that they have some disease, they may even be angry or ready to attack.

Why should I adopt a parrot instead of buying it?

There are several good reasons to adopt a bird instead of a purchase. First of all, it’s the right thing to do because commercial breeding operations are flooding the market with exotic companion birds, many of which end up in rescue groups when consumers realize the complexity of caring for these animals.

Is it dangerous to remove the parrot from its cage?

Many owners raise their birds in total freedom throughout the house , so there is no danger remove your parrot from the cage. However if the parrot is used to living inside its cage it can be a little dangerous because the parrot is not used to that freedom, so you have to make it gain confidence and you also have to watch it so that do not escape.

How to remove and put the parrot in its cage?

Differences between parrots and parakeets Are they the same?

The main difference between the parrots and parakeets is that Parrot refers to a broad order of bird species, while the term parakeet or parakeet is a species within “parrot”.

Does your parrot love you? Find out here!

There are many signs that your parrot feels affection for you, including that it allows itself to be touched and placed in awkward positions when you play with it. However, there are many other signs that your parrot loves you.

How to gain the trust of a parrot? All you have to do!

At first our parrot will feel a little tense, distrustful and scared, while we try to make him trust us. In this article we will give you some tips or tricks so that you can make your parrot trust you in an easy way, so read on to achieve it.

Is it natural for parrots to scream? So you can avoid it!

Birds use vocalization as a means of communication. In nature, birds live in herds. The flock is a very safe place for birds. Provides protection from predators, an opportunity to socialize, help finding food, and a safe place to nest.

Caring for parrots How do you care for a parrot?

Parrots need a lot of care to stay in good health and not spread diseases to other animals around you. Here we explain how to take care of them:

Parrot hygiene. How to clean your parrot?

It is best to check for parasites once every 30 days. They love water, so it is advisable to have a bathtub for parrots , he will have fun and at the same time will clean himself. It is also advisable to spray the animal with anti-parasite sprays or powders.

How to give affection to a parrot?

To To achieve this you first have to earn their trust, follow the following steps to be able to show affection and love to your parrot and thus make him love you:

Parrot entertainment. Can they dance?

Can parrots dance to music? They move to the rhythm of the music they listen to due to a «link between the auditory and motor parts of the brain» , according to a theory presented by Dr. Aniruddh Patel of the San Diego Institute of Neurosciences.

Parrot cage: what should it be like?

The size and characteristics of the cages for parrots it depends on the breed of parrot you have. The cage must provide the necessary space so that they can spread their wings comfortably, they must also have room to climb.

In the case that we have a small parrot, a cage of 40x37x45 centimeters will suffice if it goes to be alone and 60x42x50 centimeters in the case that it is going to be in a couple.

For a large parrot, the cage has to be 90x80x100 centimeters if it is going to be alone and 120x100x150 centimeters in the case to choose two birds.

We must install some fresh tree branches so that they can bite or perch on them.

They must have perches to facilitate their movement inside the cage. In addition, the parrot must have toys for parrots inside to be able to stay entertained.

Where should your cage be located?

The first thing to consider is the height. The cage must be located more or less at the same level as its owner’s eyes . This is because if the cage is too high the parrot will believe that it is the boss in the place, instead of its owner, and it will be difficult to control .

The cage also < strong> should be located in a place that receives sufficient sunlight . Places such as balconies or kitchens are prohibited.

Parrot predators in their habitat. What Animal Eats Them?

There are species of parrots distributed throughout the jungles around the world, so their predators are very diverse depending on the country in which they are found. < p> In many cases, monkeys also attack their nests.

Reptiles attack birds while they are resting on tree branches, while raptors hunt them in flight.

Photos of parrots. The best images!

Parrots are very colorful and photogenic animals! worthy of admiration for their colors and beauty. That is why in this article we will show you hundreds of images of our feathered friends.