Cages for Grey Parrots

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The best Cages for Jacos Parrots or Grey Parrots

Here you can choose the best cage for yaco parrots and read all the recommendations to select the best before purchasing one, since you will be able to know all the types and accessories that complement the cage for the well-being of your pet parrot.

Tips before choosing a cage for your gray parrot

Read the following information before buying a cage for your jaco:

What should the cage be like for a gray parrot?

Ideally, the cage for yaco parrots should be a cage with feet and wheels, in this way you can move it to various places in your house depending on the season or the occasion. Remember that in cold seasons you should not have your jack’s cage where a draft can reach it .

You must follow a series of recommendations when choosing the ideal cage for your gray parrot pet:

Size and measurements for a cage for yacos

Gray parrots are medium-sized parrots, so you can’t choose a small cage for them. The cage should allow your yaco to spread his wings fully and have at least 5 centimeters more to give him freedom of movement.

Choosing a very small jackfruit cage will cause health problems and frustration for your parrot.

Separation of the bars for cages of gray parrots

The separation of the bars for your gray parrot’s cage must be at least 1.5 cm to prevent the parrot from inserting its head between them and causing itself a lot of damage, so keep this point in mind before buying.

Accessories for jaco parrots cages

After getting a suitable cage for your jack, remember that you must equip it with a series of accessories, such as:

Homemade grey parrot cage

If you are going to build a homemade yak cage, the recommendation is that you use wood of very high hardness resistant to the beak of your feathers. You should also avoid using paint as most of the paints found have chemicals that are toxic to your parrot.

The space between the bars should not allow your parrot to insert its head to avoid hurting itself.

Where can I buy a gray parrot cage?

Buying a cage for a yaco parrot is not something that should be taken lightly, it is best to buy it knowing its measurements, see all its characteristics, photographs and compare them with other cages of other recognized brands.

The best place to buy a cage for yacos is Amazon, since in addition to all the points we mentioned above you can read the comments of other buyers who have already tried them, see real photographs of their birds inside them and take your own conclusions.

Guarantee of the cages that we recommend in

All the cages and aviaries that we recommend in our online store you can buy on Amazon and have a guarantee for changes to any problem , and even if it is not the right size you can also change it without asking questions .

Some accessories for cage yacos parrots:

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