Elizabethan Collars for Parrots and Birds

We have for sale Elizabethan protective collars for parrots , these are used when parrots are suffering from pecking, thus preventing them from plucking their own feathers. These collars for birds are also calledcomfy cones or healing cones.

Collar for parrots

An Elizabethan collar for parrots consists of two pieces, they are adjustable and are generally made of plexiglass. They are of different sizes depending on the size of the bird, they also serve different types and breeds of birds.

When to use a Elizabethan collar for parrots ?

The Elizabethan collars for parrots are adjustable and prevent the parrot’s beak from making contact with its feathers and help the parrot to recover from its pecking. These collars prevent the animal from plucking its feathers or injuring itself, but it does not prevent the main problem, so this collar should only be used to reduce symptoms and avoid cuts or self-mutilation.

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Elizabethan collars for sale from amazon, collar for parrots of different sizes, shapes and sizes, can be used by different breeds of parrots, such as yacos, macaws, gray , green, dirty face and any size, Elizabethan collars for large or small birds.

Sizes of anti-biting collars for parrots

Depending on the size and breed of the parrot, these must be adjustable, the recommended collar sizes are the following:

For small parrot. Height 30mm, diameter 25mm.
For medium parrot. Height 35mm, diameter 30mm.
For gray parrot. Height 40mm, diameter 35mm.
For macaw. Height 50mm, diameter 45mm.

Collar for lovebirds and parrots

We have for sale the best necklaces for birds , of the best quality and perfectly fulfill their anti-biting function for parrots or any type of bird or bird. If your bird has this disease, it is advisable to buy a Elizabethan collar for birds , we invite you to read our catalog.

Elizabethan collar for birds

Any kind of bird that has pecking or stress problems can use our Elizabethan anti-pecking collars , these Elizabethan collars for birds prevent the bird from plucking its feathers. These Elizabethan necklaces can be soft or hard.

Do I need an anti-biting collar for parrots?

If your parrot is plucking its feathers, it is always advisable to take it to the vet to find out what the health problem is, but these anti-biting collars are generally used to reduce symptoms and prevent your parrot hurts its skin by plucking its feathers.

Elizabethan agaporni necklace

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