Nests for Parrots

The nests or houses for parrots must be the appropriate size for your parrot, and must be made of resistant materials and that are not toxic to your bird.

Should you buy a nest for parrots?

If you want your parrots to be able to reproduce, they must feel as close to their natural habitat as possible. The breeding season must be the best and mostcomfortable possible for them, they must have very good living conditions.

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What should parrot nests be like?

First they must be vertical, taller than wide, they must be made of non-toxic materials, such as wood, coconut shells, or non-toxic and bite-resistant fabrics so that they do not spoil. There are also woven straw parrot nests and many more models.

It must have a holding pole on the outside and the nest must have a top cover to access the young, and if possible, it must be sliding so that the parrots cannot open them from the inside.

It is important that they are warm for the winter, some nests are lined in fleece, warm plush, or hammock type. These nests are for sleeping and keep your parrot warm in cold weather.

Houses for yaco parrots

The nests for yaco parrots or macaws must be larger than the nests of lovebirds, or nests for green parrots and cockatoos due to their dimensions.

Measurements of the nests for parrots and nymphs

The size depends on the parrot, the size and the breed, depending on whether it is a green parrot, nymph, macaw, Australian parrots, you you, large or small parrots, lovebirds, Amazon parrots, green parrots, yellow or red head, Each one has its size and you must buy a nest that adapts to its measurements so that they remaincomfortable inside.

Nests for large parrots

Large parrots like yacos need large nests, remember that the nests must be large enough so that the parrots can at least spread their wings and move comfortably.

How are parrot nests ?

It is recommended that they be vertical, at least 25 centimeters wide, 25 centimeters long and at least 40 centimeters high, and they should have a top cover so that you can access the young after they are born. There are other forms of nests for parrots, such as round ones, but those recommended for breeding parrots are vertical ones.

Where to place the parrot nest?

They should be placed in a place with good access so that you can easily access the young after they are born, for example outside the cage.

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How to make a nest for parrots?

We show you how to make a nest for your parrot, lovebird, cockatoo or nymph.

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