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If you are looking for a cage for your feathered friend, here we have several types of cages for parrots that are sure to fit perfectly with your pet.

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A cage for parrots must have all the comforts and feeding facilities for your pet parrot. A parrot cage should always be suitable for its size and easy to clean.

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How to choose a cage for Parrots

The parrot must be able to spread its wings in a large parrot cage. The spacing of the cage bars depends on the size of the parrot. The cages for small parrots must have a separation of 1.5 centimeters so that their heads do not enter each other. In cages for large parrots, such as gray parrots or macaws, the separation of the bars may be greater. They must be very resistant to the bites of your parrot, easy to clean and must not be made with lead, since this material is toxic to your parrot.

How should a parrot cage be?

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You should buy our cages for parrots because they are the most beautiful and of the best quality. We love our pets just like you, and that is why we offer you the greatest comfort for our parrots. Nothing better than a parrot in a cage where it feels happy and comfortable.

Types of cages for parrots

There are several types of cages for parrots, among them we have:

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We sell large cages for parrots cheap, the size of the cage is always important, a cage for small parrots is not the same as a cage for a large and cheap macaw.

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Cages for Small Parrots

We also offer cages for small parrots for sale. If you have a small parrot it is unnecessary to buy cages for large parrots . In this case it is better to buy small cages for parrots . They save space in your house and your parrot will be calm and happy. In this case, wooden parrot cages can also be used, since the beaks of small and medium-sized parrots are not as strong.

Metal cages for parrots – Bird houses and Accessories

Buy cheap parrot cages in our online store at an excellent price , we sell cheap aviaries through amazon, they are of excellent quality, excellent materials, such as steel and aluminum, and most importantly, they are not toxic to your parrot. We sell cheap large parrot cages and cheap and cheap parrot cages .

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