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Wondering what to do against pecking?

The anti-pecking spray for parrots prevents feather pecking, one of the mostcommon and difficult-to-cure health problems in birds. Its efficiency is based on an unpleasant taste from garlic oil,completely safe for vitality, which prevents the animal from plucking its feathers.

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Anti peck spray Oropharma jungle shower

This spray is based on aloe vera and its function is to keep the skin and feathers healthy, it does a perfect anti-biting work to avoid pecking your parrot feathers. Clean the feathers and restore the moisture balance of your parrot’s skin without damaging the natural fat of the skin.

The Anti-biting spray for parrots is ideal for birds such as macaws, parrots, green parrots, cockatoos, yous yous, lovebirds, yacos and other tropical birds that pluck their feathers. It is a highly simple and understandable procedure to apply: to eliminate pecking problems you only have to spray your parrot every day with the spray.

Advantages of Parrot Pecking Spray

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Use and Specifications of parrot pecking spray

Papick spray with sour taste to predispose the pecking of the feathers in parrots such as yacos, parrots and macaws, among others. This anti-pecking spray can also be used together with the collar for parrots , the which prevents the beak from reaching the parrot’s feathers.

Not suitable for hatchlings, babies or pigeons.

Composition of the anti-pecking spray : Active ingredient: Garlic oil (allium sativum) 0.5%. Dosage: Shake the bottle before spraying. Apply it every day on the animal at a distance of 25 cm, avoiding the head and eyes.

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