Rings for Parrots

What are parrot rings for?

The rings for parrots are accessories for parrots that serve to label and identify the bird and the breeding ground of where theycome from in the case of free-range parrots, sometimes include the animal’s year of birth. If the bird does not have a ring, it can be treated as a stolen bird, and the legal way to prove otherwise is to have its ring.

These rings can be used together with security chains for parrots or a harness for parrot .

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Types of parrot rings

Open rings for parrots

They only serve to identify the bird , they can be easily removed and put on. They are typically used to identify birds within a colony.

If the ring causes problems for your parrot, it must be removed. You must request a permit from the vet for your bird to remain legal, you must keep the original ring and put a chip on the parrot.

Closed rings for parrots

Only newly hatched parrots can be placed. These rings get bigger as time goes by and the size of the parrot’s leg changes.

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