Vitamins for Parrots

Vitamins for parrots and parrots are essential in their life, either to keep their plumage healthy and in excellent condition, as well as for the molting and raising of these beautiful pet animals.

Vitamins for the diet and plumage of our parrots

The parrot is one of the most majestic creatures that we can have in our home, they are intelligent, elegant and colorful, without a doubt they have a presence unmatched by other pets.

To keep the beauty of their feathers intact it is essential to give them a diet based on vitamins, I think for parrots , minerals and proteins that keep their plumage healthy and shiny. Otherwise it will try to pluck its feathers or they will be dull.

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Vitamins for the growth of parrots

They are also important during growth, the good bone condition of their beak, the level of their proper instincts, shedding and loss of feathers, and also to reduce the stress of our parrots or also for parakeets.

The diet based on multi-vitamins and minerals is very important for the parrot, either for baby parrots or youngsters, regardless of the breed, such as yacos, amazons, Australians, cockatoos, parrots, macaws, during their rearing and also for reproduction.

Vitamin A

It is the most important for the appearance of the parrot’s feathers and skin. This vitamin for parrot plumage is the one that brightens blue, red, yellow and orange pigmentation.

Vitamin B

If your parrot has a poor pigmentation of its yellow feathers, it is most likely that it is low in vitamin B. It is important to give it food supplements rich in this vitamin to improve its general condition.

Vitamin D

This vitamin is essential for the parrot’s plumage, it gives it an unequaled shine, it can be obtained naturally by being in the sun for a while every day, but there are also supplements to give it that extra vitamin D that is reflected in the brightness and vitality of the parrot.

Vitamin C

This vitamin is directly related to the self-mutilation behavior of the parrot, being deficient in vitamin C it will try to pluck or chew its feathers.

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